We are proud to announce that we are one of the very few FileMaker-developers in Germany who have the essential knowledge necessary to develop and deploy – custom apps – and business or organizational solutions using the FileMaker Platform. We are accredited as:

– FileMaker 9 Certified Developer,
– FileMaker 10 Certified Developer,

– FileMaker 11 Certified Developer
– FileMaker 12 Certified Developer,
– FileMaker 13 Certified Developer
– FileMaker 14 Certified Developer,

– FileMaker 15 Certified Developer

– FileMaker 16 Certified Developer

– FileMaker 17 Certified Developer
as well as
– FileMaker 18 Certified Developer

– FileMaker Authorized Trainer.

Additionally we are, as one of the very few in Germany, awarded as

FileMaker Platinum

Additionally we are, of course, a member of the FileMaker Business Alliance.

Furthermore our longtime support of anything Apple-related lead to the certifications Apple Inc. has to offer. These are:

– Apple Certified System Administrator
– Apple Certified Technical Coordinator
– Apple Certified Help Desk Specialist
– Apple Certified Portable Technician
– Apple Certified Desktop Technician

Unfortunately here is not written confirmation for skills like loyalty and closeness…

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